Through the Domain Reseler API we offer you access to over 1000 TLD's

As a domain reseller of WebHosting|4U, you gain access to all available domain names through our API and our free Addon Modules.

Immediately after your registration you enjoy the discounted prices of your reseller account and you can register domains on behalf of your customers.

Why should I become a domain reseller?

A domain reseller account offers you multiple advantages and benefits for your company:
domain reseller

Domain API

Our modern API gives you access to the entire list of available domain names.
domain reseller

Profit on Domains sales

Our low prices allow you to profit from domain sales.
domain reseller

You are the administrator

As a domain reseller you have full management of your customers' domains and you have full management autonomy.
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Exclusive technical support

You won't have to wait in a time-consuming call centre. We offer you your own private messaging channel for direct communication with us on our chat server.


14every 2 years


10per year


51st vesting time


31st vesting time


31st vesting time


51st vesting time


51st vesting time


51st vesting time

Free Addon Modules & plugin

For your apps

Full integration API

domain reseller
With api access you can write your own code and integrate the domain functions as you want.

wordpress plugin

domain reseller
The whmcs/wordpress integration offers you whois & registration for your frontend.
(Expected soon)

Free Addon Module

domain reseller
Free addon module for Blesta billing/provisioning software with documentation

Free Addon Module

domain reseller
Free addon module for WHMCS billing/provisioning software with documentation

Free AWS Amazon CloudDNS

As a domain reseller you can get your own cloud white labeled nameservers for dns services to your customers.

Full white labeled integration

WebHosting|4U does not appear anywhere on your website or anywhere there is user interaction.
domain reseller

No hidden charges

You will never be charged for a subscription service. Through domain credits you only pay for what you consume. There are no additional hidden charges on any service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is there a lump sum I need to deposit to get started?
No, you are not required to pay a setup fee. Activation is completely free of charge.
2Is there a DEMO available where I can see ?
No there is no demo. You can see our management interface from the screenshots above. Once a week whmcs offers a free webinar and for blesta there is a demo available
3Is email forward supported?
Yes. You can forward one mailbox to another at no extra cost
4Do you have any documentation where I can find out ?
We offer full documentation for our domain resellers. You can see all the information in our exclusive Knowledge Base category.
5How is the domains paid for?
For the automation of domain name validation/renewal, there must be credits available in your WebHosting|4U account. The redemption of domain names is completed only with the deduction of credits.
6Do I receive an invoice and am I charged VAT for depositing credits?
No. You will not receive an invoice and you will not be charged VAT when depositing credits. Pricing is completed for the domain names you buy/renew.
7Is there a minimum amount I need to deposit?
The amount you need to deposit should be equal to the first domain you will need to buy.
8How long does it take to activate my domain reseller account?
The activation of the domain reseller account is immediate. Now for the activation of custom nameservers we need 24 hours.

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