Email Archiving up to 12 years

Never lose any of your precious messages.
You no longer have to worry about your email getting full or having to delete emails.

The email archive service allows you to permanently store your emails in a separate storage space for up to 12 years.

Ta emails remain archived in their own space, with no limit to the size of mailboxes, and without deleting any emails.

With the Email Archive service, you can keep a complete copy of your mailbox for a long time, regardless of its size.

Email Archive

12 years of Email Archive

3.35/month per mailbox

No limit on GB's consumption

It is supported for :

  • Exchange Server 2010/2013/2016/2019

  • Microsoft 365

  • Google Workspace

  • IMAP-POP email servers & mailbox

  • MDaemon, IceWarp & Kerio Connect

  • .PST / .EML and other email files

  • MS Outlook & Windows Live Mail

  • Mozilla ThunderBird

    Try it completely free

    15-day free trial

    Completely free of charge, you can try the email archive service, without any obligation, with the full capabilities of the service.

    Take an in-depth look at the email archive service, discover and test its features for free for 15 days.

    After the end of the trial period, you can easily upgrade to the production service without changing the settings you have already made. If you wish, your account can be reset to start again from the beginning.

    How exactly does the email archive work?

    Any questions? 2109416174 or

    Restore Emails from Archive

    In the case where a major damage has occurred to your mailbox(es), we advise you to first restore from the backup of your provider's service (regardless of whether you are a WebHosting|4U customer), and then restore specific emails from the archive service.
    The total mailbox restore from the email archive is not as fast as the daily system backup of a service.

    Management Environment

    All operations are completed from the central archive client management environment. The archive profiles we create are executed automatically, without the requirement that the client be open.

    Through the archive client we fully manage our archived mailboxes, and create archive access to the email users we want.

    Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

    The archive service offers the installation of an addon in MS-Outlook, which gives real-time access to the archive disk, for searching & restoring messages if needed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1Which email servers are supported?
    Email archiving is supported for : IMAP/POP3 Mailservers, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft365, Google WorkSpace, IceWarp Mailserver.
    2Which email clients are supported?
    Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla SeaMonkey
    3How can I view archived emails?
    Access to archived emails is possible either through the Outllok Add-In, or through a web browser.
    4What is the difference between email backup and email archive?
    The email backup is a temporary file which will automatically be recycled after X days, and written from a new file.
    In contrast, the email archive is not recycled, it is a permanent archive, a copy of the original mailbox, available for a very long time.
    5What is the duration of the email archive?
    We support 2 different time periods. You can have email archiving for 5 years or 12 years.
    6Is there a limit to the GB's of my emails?
    No, there is no limit.
    7Where is the email archive stored?
    For the Email Archive service, we use private cloud storage in Microsoft Azure & Amazon S3.
    8Can I receive a report on the archives I have created?
    Nai email archive service offers reporting with the history and status of email archives.
    9What happens after the time period I have chosen?
    Emails where they have reached 5 years or 12 years will start to be deleted. Not all of the archive is deleted. Only individual emails that have reached the duration cycle you have selected, 5years or 12years, are deleted.
    10I don't want all my files to be archived. Can I select files or folders?
    Yes the function is supported. You can choose which archives or folders to archive.

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