Email Hosting Service, Secured & Encrypted

For your business or your favorite project!Create email addresses for your domain name

Managed Email Hosting

With the most modern security methods and features,
our email hosting service is the ultimate communication tool for you and your partners.

If you have increased demands on your email correspondence this is the service you and your team need.

Fully compatible with all Email Clients

With the Email Hosting by WebHosting|4U we offer a simple and fast tool to optimize the way you work with your email, fully compatible and synchronized with all personal computers, smartphones, tablets and Email Clients that support POP, IMAP, SMTP protocols and Exchange ActiveSync such as Outlook , Thunderbird, MacOS, and iPhone Android.

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  • 8 GB Email size
  • Upgrade to 25 GB Email
  • Upgrade to 50 GB Email
  • Upgrade to 100 GB Email
  • Access via POP
  • Access via IMAP
  • SMTP sending
  • Webmail Access
  • CardDAV & CalDAV
  • Zoom integration
  • Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync
  • Trace email
  • DKIM digital signature
  • Antispam/Antivirus
  • Mail Time Machine
  • Signature management
  • Contact Management
  • Calendar
  • Tasks & Tasks Management To do list
  • Your logo
  • Automatic replies
  • GDPR Compatibility
  • 2FA Account protection

Basic Email

Από €1.35month

Professional Email

Από €1.90month

enterprise email

Από €2.70month

In summary :

Cost per user per month. Prices do NOT include VAT.

8 GB€1.35€1.90€2.70
25 GB€2.85€3.25€3.93
50 GB €3.40€5.56
100 GB €10.64

Cloud Calendar

Manage your appointments in the simplest way

eMail Time Machine

Included in all email packages

Automated eMail Backup solution

Mail Time Machine is a tool that allows you to access your email account backups to verify or recover any lost messages at no extra cost.

It supports either the restoration of individual messages that were accidentally deleted, or the entire email account in cases of major damage or human error.

But that's not all ...

The Email Archive add-on service offers a full read-only copy of your email, where all sent and received messages are stored by users, for 12 years without space restrictions.


Information, Guides & How To's in the Knowledge Base.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What is the email hosting service?
    The service offers the hosting of email addresses with the owner's domain. An owner who owns his own domain name (regardless of whether he is an individual or a company) can create his own personal email address. The service operates independently of the web hosting service (webhosting). In the webhosting service, it is offered simultaneously and email addresses with the domain of the owner. If a user does not need a web hosting service, but wants one or more email addresses with their own domain, then the email hosting service is the right one
    2I already have email hosting with another provider. Can I transfer them to you?
    Yes. We offer free transfer of your emails from your previous provider to us
    3Is email forward supported?
    Yes. You can forward one mailbox to another at no extra cost
    4Can I create an automatic reply?
    Yes. Through the webmail settings, you can write the text of your choice as an automatic reply
    5Can I buy the service if my domain is with another registrar?
    Yes you can. You will either need to add our MX record to the dns zone of your domain or we can offer you free DNS services
    6Can I purchase additional mailboxes when I need them?
    Yes. Upgrade from 1 to 50 additional mailboxes when needed, regardless of the initial purchase of mailboxes
    7Which email clients are supported?
    All modern email clients are supported e.g. MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Email etc.The basic requirement is that the email client supports TLS 1.0 and above. The same applies to mobile devices.
    8Is the "Catch all mailbox" function supported?
    Yes a catch all mailbox can be set in the email hosting service.
    9What is the limit of outgoing messages?
    For the best service to all our customers and the optimal score in email deliverability the limit of outgoing messages is 1000 every 24 hours per email address. The limit may be increased by mutual agreement. (extra option with extra charge)

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