Enterprise Reseller Hosting

Guaranteed Performance and uninterrupted operation for your hosting account.
The last hosting service you'll ever need.

  • LiteSpeed Enterprise Server

  • Acronis 4x backups

  • Raid-10 SAS SSD

  • WITHOUT consumption restriction

    We offer an uptime and performance guarantee on our reseller hosting service!

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    Technical Characteristics

    Our Reseller Hosting service for all hosting packages

    Choose the Enterprise package for your customers' needs !


    The only pricing criterion is disk consumption in GB.
    You won't see hidden charges or limitation of system resource consumption.

    pay per use model

    From €50/50GB /month

    LiteSpeed WebServer Enterprise

    Pay per Use SSD Disk / Unlimited Domains
    Extra GB = €1.5 per GB per month

    Plesk Obsidian control panel
    NO CPU / RAM / IOPS limitation

    • AntiMalware Cleanup Module
    • WAF & IP Firewall
    • Acronis Backup, 4 backups per day
    • Litespeed CMS / eCommerce Cache Modules
    • HTTP/3 Support
    • Private Chat Server Support
    • Access to an external demoserver
    • 100% uptime SLA
    • unmetered bandwidth

    fixed disc


    LiteSpeed WebServer Enterprise

    80 GB SSD Storage / Unlimited Domains
    Extra GB = €1.5 per GB per month

    Plesk Obsidian control panel
    NO CPU / RAM / IOPS limitation

    • AntiMalware Cleanup Module
    • WAF & IP Firewall
    • Acronis Backup, 4 backups per day
    • Litespeed CMS / eCommerce Cache Modules
    • HTTP/3 Support
    • Private Chat Server Support
    • Access to an external demoserver
    • 100% uptime SLA
    • unmetered bandwidth

    What kind of systems and software support the Enterprise reseller hosting service?

    Enterprise SAS SSD Storage.

    Raid-10 Fault Tolerant disk storage for hosting your hosting accounts.

    The Enterprise reseller hosting service is hosted on an array of Raid-10 SSD disks in Hardware RAID, for the uninterrupted healthy operation of the systems.

    • No limitation on the IOPS speed of the disks.
    • Datacenter Enterprise grade Disk Storage in hardware raid.
    • High-speed IOPS (190k, read/write 4k block size)

    Enterprise HP Proliant Hardware

    Hosting in a highly available and efficient environment for your customers. It just does NOT fall!

    Enterprise reseller accounts are hosted on HP Enterprise servers, where in combination with SAS SSD drives we offer you to build your hosting account in an incomparably fast, stable and secure hosting environment.

    • Cloudflare Low Latency DNS.
    • HP DL380 Gen9 and Gen10 Servers.
    • HotSwap hardware components.
    • Acronis Backup

    Domain Reseller API Integration

    We support 4 different methods if you wish to resell domain names through WebHosting|4U. Interface via PHP API, addon module for WHMCS/Blesta and Wordpress plugin for your frontend.

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      Why choose WebHosting4U

      10 years of experience in Datacenter services and all known CMS/e-Commerce scripts allows us to know all the necessary needs for hosting even the most demanding websites

      Domain Reseller Account

      Discounts on your domain registrations & renewals

      Access to Demo Server

      For your staging purposes and the tests you need

      unmetered bandwidth

      No restrictions, for you and your customers

      Integrated Managed Backup

      Up to 15 days back for files, emails, databases

      BruteForce Protection

      Across our entire infrastructure of services

      Immunify360 Firewall & Antimalware

      Complete protection solution for websites & emails.

      SSH Account Access

      When required by your applications (chrooted)

      Private Cloud Nameservers

      Embedded in Plesk with Amazon Route53
      Enterprise Reseller Hosting

      Plesk Obsidian 18.0.45

      Installed on our MaxIOPS NVMe redundant Storage.

      Rocket Chat Server

      Your own "Private Channel" for the most direct technical & commercial service of your team 24*7

      You will be able to contact us, directly and efficiently, without waiting for our call centre or a support ticket response.

      We reduce service times especially for our resellers through our Rocket Chat Server.

      At the same time through the public channel you can exchange views, ask for help from other partners or just say hello!

      The chat is available via browser, Linux, Windows, iOS &

      Backup Methods for your reseller account

      For your reseller hosting service, we have 2 different backup methods.
      Daily backup, up to 15 days back, for your daily tasks in the Acronis Datacenter, while for disaster recovery purposes a full system backup of your reseller account is stored in a separate cloud storage.

      Disaster Recovery Backup

      The disaster system backup ensures that in case of significant damage,
      Your reseller account can be recovered in another hosting environment, unmodified, as soon as possible without your intervention.
      The backup can be stored either in your own cloud account in one of the following cloud providers, or in one that we will create for you.
      • AWS S3 Bucket

      • Google Drive

      • Digital Ocean Spaces

      • MS OneDrive

      • Dropbox

      • sFTP storage

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1How soon will my account be activated?
      The hosting account is automatically activated after the payment of the order. Check your email after a few minutes and you will see the original message with your accesses. In some cases we may need to contact you for clarification.
      2Which Datacenter do you host your equipment in?
      We use the Datacenters of Hetzner, OVH and LeaseWeb for hosting our systems. The whole implementation & configuration of the infrastructure is completed by our engineers
      3Can I upgrade my account if I need to?
      Yes, if you see that your requirements have increased, a package upgrade can be done very easily. At the same time, if you need to move to a VPS or Dedicated Server, our engineers will assist you
      4I have a domain name on another registrar. Do I need to pass it on to you?
      We offer competitive prices on domain names and we recommend you to transfer your domain to us. However, transport is not required. You can maintain the domain, at the registrar of your choice. In all reseller accounts we offer discounts for domain names.
      5Do you offer shell access to the hosting packages?
      Yes we offer ssh access to our shared hosting packages. Access is limited to the hosting account and to activate it you need to open a support ticket. A static ip address is required for the ip to pass through our firewall.
      6What kind of backup will I have with my reseller account?
      We have R1soft software for your daily tasks. This backup is daily up to 15 days back. The backup is for emails/files & folders/databases. An additional reseller system backup is created on a daily basis to a cloud provider for disaster recovery purposes.
      7Do you offer some days as a trial or money-back guarantee?
      Trial version we do not offer in our services. However, we offer, regardless of the reason, a 100% refund guarantee of the amount paid within 15 calendar days.
      8Is a Windows hosting service offered?
      Unfortunately not. In shared hosting plans you can't have websites based on Windows technologies. But you can get a VPS to be able to upload your content
      9Which payment methods do you accept for your services?
      You can pay for your orders by bank deposit, via paypal, or via credit/debit card. After payment the renewals/activations are immediate
      10Is there a limit to the resources my website can use?
      No. We do not limit the resources that a website can use as you may have seen on other providers. For the smooth operation of the service, our own internal tools ensure the seamless availability of our services
      11Can I have unlimited use of files on the disk?
      Unfortunately not. In all our shared hosting plans, we have a limit on disk usage, as we do not agree with the use of the term "unmetered" to our customers. All hardware resources have a limit, so we prefer to follow a measurement model rather than a "consumption" model.

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