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Focused Inbox makes it easier to keep track of important emails. Your Inbox includes two tabs: The "Focused" tab for emails you need to act on immediately and the "Other" tab for anything else.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How soon will my account be activated?
The hosting account is automatically activated after the payment of the order. Check your email after a few minutes and you will see the original message with your accesses
2Which Datacenter do you host your equipment in?
We use OVH Datacenters in France & Germany for hosting our systems. The whole implementation & configuration of the infrastructure is completed by our engineers
3Can I upgrade my account if I need to?
Yes, if you see that your requirements have increased, a package upgrade can be done very easily. At the same time, if you need to move to a VPS or Dedicated Server, our engineers will assist you
4What is instant backup and how can I use it?
With instant backup, you can create a full backup snapshot before you start important work on your website. If something goes wrong, with instant backup you can restore the page to exactly as it was before.
5I have a domain name on another registrar. Do I need to pass it on to you?
We offer competitive prices on domain names and we recommend you to transfer your domain to us. However, transport is not required. You can keep the domain, at the registrar of your choice
6Do you offer shell access to the hosting packages?
Yes we offer ssh access to our shared hosting packages. Access is limited to the hosting account and to activate it you need to open a support ticket
7Do you offer some days as a trial or money-back guarantee?
Trial version we do not offer in our services. However, we offer, regardless of the reason, a 100% refund guarantee of the amount paid within 15 calendar days.
8Is hosting service offered on Windows;
Unfortunately not. In shared hosting plans you can't have websites based on Windows technologies. But you can get a VPS to be able to upload your content
9Which payment methods do you accept for your services?
You can pay your orders by bank deposit, paypal, stripe or credit/debit card. After payment the renewals/activations are immediate
10Is there a limit to the resources my website can use?
No. We do not limit the resources that a website can use as you may have seen on other providers. For the smooth operation of the service, our own internal tools ensure the seamless availability of our services
11Can I have unlimited use of files on the disk?
Unfortunately not. In all our shared hosting plans, we have a limit on disk usage, as we do not agree with the use of the term "unmetered" to our customers. All hardware resources have a limit, so we prefer to follow a measurement model rather than a "consumption" model
12The default backup is one per day. Can I have more backups per day?
Yes the feature is supported so that you can have more backups per day. Contact us and we will let you know.

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