Monitoring service

Get instant information via email & sms about the status of your website or server

Free Monitoring for Systems & Websites

Be informed immediately if something goes wrong

With WebHosting|4U's Monitoring Service you receive a notification whenever your website has a problem

Make sure your Website or Server is running smoothly by implementing checks on:

Three different PoP's control. Germany, France and Greece to ensure multi-point controls

The Monitoring Service of WebHosting4U is offered even if the hosting service is not in our company

WebHosting|4u Monitoring

Be informed of any problem on your Website

The free service of WebHosting|4U for your systems or your websites, checks for their smooth operation and informs you of any possible failure via email or SMS

You can select multiple notification contacts via email or sms, set the notification times, but also see useful details in case your ip address is blacklisted

50 Monitors, checked every 5 minutes, Totally Free


No obligationFree

  • Checks every 5 minutes and e-mail notification
  • Up to 20 checks
  • IP Blacklist Check every 8 hours
  • Ability to Custom Public Monitor Page
  • Multiple Notification Contacts
  • Statistics with graph and timestamp log for each alert


8/per month

The best solution for your site

  • The benefits of the free version plus:
  • Unlimited controls
  • Checks every 1 minute
  • 50 sms notifications per month
  • IP Blacklist every 1 hour
  • Automatic support ticket to the mechanisms of WebHosting4U*
  • Custom Ports

*For the automatic and immediate response of WebHosting|4U engineers and the creation of support tickets, you must have a Server or Website Management Service

Frequently Asked Questions

1What does it mean to check on a keyword?
The Hosting Webserver may not have a problem and no notification may have been sent, but the page itself may have. If the monitor does not see the keyword you specify then a notification will be sent.
2What does IP Blacklisting control mean?
WebHosting|4U's Monitoring service will check if your address appears on global lists of sites classified as dangerous and will notify you in this case.
3If Scheduled Maintenance Work is going to occur on my Site?
It is possible to set a Maintenance Window, a downtime time that will not be measured in the Uptime statistics of your website's monitoring.
4What is the Custom Public Monitor Page?
WebHosting|4U's Monitoring Service allows you to create a public page (without password) with your logo on which you can see the checks performed and their live logs.
5Do I want more than one person to be informed?
Multiple notification contacts can be set. There is the default contact (owner), but you can, for example, also get a notification from the technical manager of your server.
6There is a specific Port on my Server that I want to monitor.
WebHosting|4U's Monitoring service supports Custom Ports monitoring only in the Pro version.
7If they need more than 50 SMS in a month?
There is the possibility of purchasing an extra pack of messages in case the 50 that come free with the Pro version of the Monitoring Service are exhausted.

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