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Shoutcast or Icecast Hosting services offer high quality sound on your web radio

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If you want to start your own webradio but you don't have your own website or you are interested in converting what you already have, then the solution is this package especially for you! All in one webradio service up to 320kbps and 25 GB AutoDJ

Free Web Radio Application

The web radio service with the free application requires a domain name.
If you already have a domain name in your possession, we will guide you on how you can use it with our service
The new .gr domain registration is at a promotional price of €16 + VAT for every 2 years

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Bit rate & how do you determine the sound quality?
The data rate refers to the speed of data transfer through a communication channel. The bit rate refers to the number of bits that pass through a point in the data channel in a given time interval. Measured in bits per second (bits per second, bps)
2In which Data center do you host your equipment?
We use OVH's Data centers in France & Germany for hosting our systems. The whole implementation & configuration of the infrastructure is completed by our engineers. The service for internet radio, is in a cloud environment with uptime 99.98%, while the mp3 storage is in external storage.
3What is the best Bit Rate for the best sound quality?
It depends on the audio codec you are using. For web radio a music broadcast with the AAC Codec with a bit rate of 64kbps is similar to the Mp3 codec at 128kbps. It also depends on the device where a listener is listening to the web radio. A listener with simple desktop speakers, for example, will never notice a sound quality at 320kbps.
4What is a media encoder and why do I need one?
An encoder is a program that performs the following functions: Receive audio from an output on your computer → Encode the audio → Stream to a broadcast server. The encoder transmits data to the server in real time.
5What is the free web radio app?
The free web radio app is mainly for those who want to start a web radio but don't have or don't know how to make a website. With this service you will have your own domain name (, your own logo, your own chat, without requiring anything more from you.
6Do you offer some days as a trial or money-back guarantee?
Trial version is not supported. We offer, regardless of the reason, a 100% refund guarantee of the amount paid within 15 days. In case of domain purchase, we cannot offer a refund, as cancellations are not supported by the domain name registry.

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