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Send your own newsletters quickly and economically without the constraints of third-party providers

Why I need my own SMTP Server

The Managed SMTP Server will send the outgoing mail or newsletter volume with minimal resource consumption

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What do you mean by "Without the commitments of third party providers"?
    By having your own smtp server, you no longer need providers like Mailchimp, Sendgrid and other similar services. The smtp server is for you to use as you wish either for your own services or for your clients' services with multiple domains or subdomains. Can be used directly on websites or web servers
    2How can we be sure that our emails will not go to the recipient's spam folder?
    There are specific specifications and international standards for communication between mailservers. With the smtp server of WebHosting|4U you simultaneously take advantage of our 15 years of experience & specialization in Datacenter services. Together we will need to configure the domains that will be used in the smtp server, and our technical support team engineers will always be by your side to ensure the smooth operation of the smtp server.
    3Does the smtp server include mailing lists?
    No. The Smtp server is purely an smtp engine, a Mail Transport Agent (MTA). On your own website/webserver/application, you will set up whatever you need for your users/clients, and the smtp server will do the sending. Does not manage mailing lists, or subscriptions and subscriber deletions
    4What kind of technical support is offered?
    No. The Smtp server is purely an smtp engine, a Mail Transport Agent (MTA). The smtp server service is managed by us. This means that we take care of preparing the service, maintaining the software & server, checking if the IP's have been blacklisted, advising you on the correct practices to follow and answering whatever help you need with whatever issue you are facing. The technical support for the smtp server is offered by phone during working hours and days, while ticketing, social media chat 24 hours a day
    5Is there a "builder" available to build my newsletter?
    No. The server is purely an smtp engine. It takes care of sending as many emails as we send it very quickly with minimal resource consumption. You can use a newsletter application like mailwizz or AcyMailing or Sendy to have a complete management of your html newsletters. In whatever application you use we simply route the emails to be sent to the smtp server
    6I want to send 60,000 emails a day. May I?
    Of course you can. Whether you have a subscriber base for newsletters or you have an eshop, the smtp server will do the heavy work of sending your emails quickly and smoothly, no matter what kind of emails they are
    7Is there a trial version that I can try?
    Unfortunately not. But we offer a guarantee of good operation and refund within 10 days, only in case of malfunction of the service
    8How many domains can I have?
    The service is whitelabeled, and WebHosting|4U is not shown anywhere. You can have as many domains/clients as you want
    9I am interested in the service but I don't have a developer to build the application for me. Are you taking care of it?
    Of course. After consultation, our developers can prepare everything you need on your website to manage the newsletter

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